Ok so now that we are getting to just internet here are the tips tricks and traps

  1. Wow Comcast customer service has really improved. Actual smiling people. And retail locations that’s great.
  2. The main optimizations are getting rid of television. If you love sports this is hard but otherwise it is quite survivable. You can use Kodi on a computer (even works on a raspberry Pi or a set top box) to view your old movies stored on disk. Then Netflix and Amazon are basically everywhere. The most universal box seems like it is the nVidia shield. 4K and $200. Of course the AppleTV is the simplest but Amazon us a fight with them. 
  3. Then for phone we’ve had good luck with Obihai. It is compatible with old alarm systems which ooma is not. And it routs through google voice. (So watch what you are saying!). But it has no recurring charge. 
  4. The cable modem is really important now so get a docsis 3.0 with at least 8 streams (400Mbps). The expensive docsis 3.1 are coming out that go to 1.6Gbps which will cost $$$s but cool to have. Motorola surfboard is an incredibly cheap $50 and saves $10 a month

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