Diagnosing an Arris TM822g


Well I’m sure happy to have gotten rid of the $20/month charge for the rented Comcast router. We had it for a while because we had all this trouble with comcast, but thanks to the right email to the right person, they did a great job fixing it.
Now onto making things work better. It is an Arris TM822g and it isn’t clear how to work with it. Here are the steps:

  1.  dslreports.com explains that this modem lives on and you can access the page there.
  2. This will not work if you have a vpn configured as the access request goes out there. You can diagnose this by using the Mac tool traceroute

When you do get there, you get a pretty technical diagnostic page. The main thing to see are that you have 8 downstream channels. They should S/N of at least 36dB. And four upstream channels. Still looking for the rest of the meanings

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