Best monitors


Well the monitor world is actually moving pretty quickly these days with the transition to 4K monitors well in swing and prices dropping, here are recommendations from Tom's Hardware for good, better and best in the office.
The biggest caveat is that you have to get a mini-Displayport to Displayport connector to see 4K at 60 Hertz otherwise you will get terrible slowness scrolling. These are just $5 at Monoprice as well, so no worries, but do not expect it with HDMI unless you have a late model graphics card that supports HDMI 2.0:
Good. Monoprice Crystal 4K Pro. This is a $400 (?!) 4k UHD monitor in a 28" size. Now that is pretty small for 4K, but there is no premium and you are not going to notice any jaggies with it. The reliability ratings on Amazon and on Monoprice aren't bad either.
Better. Benq BL3201PT. We have used the QHD (2.5K) BL3200PT for a while. They were expensive, but very worth it. These days buying ahead on monitors really does pay off as they last a very long time.
Best. Phillips BDM43. We have quite a few of the BDM4065UC's around and they take some getting used to, but once you see the 43" display it changes the way that you program. This is really a tool for multitaskers who have four or five things up, but it is invaluable for debugging. If you can afford it, I'd highly suggest it. $800 seems like a lot but you will be using if for a long time.

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