Getting Photos and Videos off a Nexus 5x to Mac OS X El Capitan


Well this is not as easy as you think. The Google Android File Transfer doesn’t seem to work. It keeps complaining about not being to access USB. I didn’t have time to figure out what was wrong so tried some alternatives:

  • Airdrop. This is a freemium product that is a little strange in that you install an Android app and a Mac app and it uses a wifi connection between the two. It does transfer notifications to your computer (I guess this is useful) and also you can use your keyboard and display removed. But the key functionality which is moving a file seems to time out. Duh!
  • Dropbox. Ok I really didn’t think this would work, but if you install Dropbox on your Android phone, you can configure it to camera upload on Wifi only, it then uses Wifi to talk with your Dropbox in the sky. Kind of a long way around, but it does work.

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