Ok the many mysteries of travel. Here’s a big one. What’s the best way back from the airport assuming ur tired don’t want to spend too much but want to get of the airport as fast as possible. From best to worst

  1. Driving there and back. Ok still the most reliable for dropoff and assuming ur coming in non rush hour for pickup too. Use a discount coupon at Masterpark. The main drag is that the shuttles take time. This works for short trips where the cost of parking is less than $90. 

  2. Towncar service. The most expensive at $50-60 each way but if you can find a good provider the most reliable. They will wait for your flight. Eastside Towncar (shout out to Eric) has been great for us. 

  3. Wingz. This is a flat rate service. Decent for dropoff to airport but for arrivals they have a fixed 45 minutes delay after you land so you get to wait. And since they only have a 30 minute late window pretty inconvenient. 

  4. Reachnow and car2go. This is another reliable option if they have cars. Basically you can take them to the airport and leave them. They are $.30-.40 cents a minute so for the 40 minute ride probably $20. A decent option if there isn’t traffic. 

  5. Light rail. Link plus Lyft. This isn’t such a bad combination take a short Lyft from a light rail station. Certainly economic but you do have to wait. 

  6. Traditional car service. 

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