Ok shooting a bunch of candids and here are some quick reminders for best settings:
Canon 5D Mark II. I know it’s old but trusty. Base ISO is 100 and you want to start below ISO 800 before dynamic ranges disappears
For lenses
Canon 70-200/f2.8 L. This is not the mark II but still a decent lense. And it’s peak sharpness varies by focal length
70mm. Peak resolution is f/5.6 so the traditional 2 stops about for best resolution. 1987 center lw/ph and 1936 cornet. 
135mm. F/4 for landscapes at  1995/1982 but f/5.6 had better center sharpness for portraits with 2000/1950
200mm. F/4 for both. 1987 center, 1895 corner. 
Canon 50mm f/1.4. Like many lenses it depends on how you use it as portraits need good center sharpness whereas landscapes need overall
Center. F/2.8 with sharp falloff at corners
Landscape. f/5.6 for even balance although center is much less than f/2.8
For an Sony a7. The base ISO is 200
Ziess batís 85mm f/1.8. The peak center for portraits is f/2.8 and for landscapes the best resolution across the whole frame is f/5.6 
Sony zeiss 35mm f/1.8  F/4 is sharpest for both. 

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