Well, now that 4K ultra high definition televisions costs as much as a bag of chips. (OK maybe not that little, but they are really inexpensive), the next jump in state of the art of high definition. That means a much higher color range than before so models like the new Samsung UN65KS9800 provide the latest bells and whistles.
It’s confusing, but there are two standards for compression colors. HDR10 and Dolby has their own. You want a display with both. These cost $5000 or so for a 65″ monitor compared with $1K for the “standard” UHDTV, so again, if you really covet this, you might want to wait a bit.
The only way to get content is with a new Blu-ray player and HDR blu ray disks and some streaming services are sending out compressed HDR.
Finally there is the issue of curved screen or not. A curved screen looks great if you are in the middle and close, but otherwise, it distorts the edges from farther away.
The final technical detail is the use of quantum dots and OLED. Quantum dots provide the red and green colors and are supposed to be truer. While OLED is even more expensive and some the same.

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