I always have trouble the first time I try to pair my Mac bluetooth keyboards. Here’s a quick guide to what you have to do:

  1. Most of the time the device isn’t visible. You should check the single LED light. If it is fast blinking, then the keyboard or mouse is not paired and you should be able to see it
  2. To actually see it, you need to go to System Preferences/Bluetooth and wait for it to appear. Many times it just doesn’t appear no matter what I do.
  3. One problem is that the keyboard only pairs with one particular device. For me, I forget which keyboard goes to which computers so you need to reset the keyboard so that it pairs. The way to tell is if you get a slow blink rate rather than fast. Here’s how to reset one. Take the batteries out (this only works for the older keyboards obviously, not the new ones with the embedded battery). This resets it. Then put the batteries back in and hold down the power button. Don’t let it go. You will see the LED go solid then go to fast blink. You should now see it in the Bluetooth menu.
  4. If you do then try to pair if it says “Pairing failed” or doesn’t connect, then you should try to turn the Bluetooth on and off on the Mac. Sometimes, the bluetooth driver stack gets hung.

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