I’ve been trying to use Harry’s Lap Timer and need the detailed specifications for a 2008 Mazdaspeed3. Here are the detailed specifications and some of the more obscure ones that these performance telemetry applications want:
Volumetric Efficiency: This a measure of how what percentage fuel goes in, it varies by RPM and many parameters. 12%
Drivetrain efficiency: This is how much loss there is between shaft horsepower and power applied to the ground. In this car it is quite efficient 262 horsepower gets you to 242 horsepower on the ground or 8%

Type: turbocharged and intercooled inline-4, aluminum block and head
Bore x stroke: 3.44 x 3.70 in, 87.5 x 94.0mm
Displacement: 138 cu in, 2261cc
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Fuel-delivery system: direct injection
Turbocharger: Hitachi-Warner K04
Maximum boost pressure: 15.6 psi
Valve gear: chain-driven double overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, variable intake-valve timing
Power (SAE net): 263 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 280 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
Redline: 6700 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Final-drive ratio: gears 1-4, 3.94:1; gears 5-6, 3.35:1; limited slip
Gear: Ratio Mph/1000 rpm Speed in gears (max rpm)

  1. 3.54 5.3 36 mph (6700 rpm)
  2. 2.24 8.4 56 mph (6700 rpm)
  3. 1.54 12.2 82 mph (6700 rpm)
  4. 1.17 16.0 107 mph (6700 rpm)
  5. 1.09 20.4 136 mph (6700 rpm)
  6. 0.85 25.9 155 mph (6000 rpm)

Wheelbase: 103.9 in
Track, front/rear: 60.4/60.0 in
Length/width/height: 176.8/69.5/57.7 in
Ground clearance: 4.8 in
Drag area, Cd (0.32) x frontal area (25.5 sq ft, est): 8.2 sq ft
Curb weight: 3180 lb
Weight distribution, F/R: 63.5/36.5%
Curb weight per horsepower: 12.1 lb
Fuel capacity: 14.5 gal
Type: unit construction with a rubber-isolated crossmember
Body material: welded steel stampings
SAE volume, front seat: 51 cu ft
rear seat: 44 cu ft
cargo, seats up/down: 17/43 cu ft
Front-seat adjustments: fore-and-aft, seatback angle; driver only: rear height, lumbar support
Restraint systems, front: manual 3-point belts; driver and passenger front, side, and curtain airbags
rear: manual 3-point belts, curtain airbags
Front: ind, strut located by a control arm, coil springs, anti-roll bar
Rear: ind; 1 trailing arm, 2 lateral links, and 1 toe-control link per side; coil springs; anti-roll bar
Type: rack-and-pinion with electrohydraulic power assist
Steering ratio: 14.7:1
Turns lock-to-lock: 2.7
Turning circle curb-to-curb: 36.1 ft
Type: hydraulic with vacuum power assist and anti-lock control
Front: 12.6 x 1.0-in vented disc
Rear: 11.0 x 0.4-in disc
Wheel size/type: 7.0 x 18 in/cast aluminum
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, 215/45R-18 93Y
Test inflation pressures, F/R: 33/32 psi
Spare: high-pressure compact on steel wheel

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