Amazon Prime Photos doesn't quite work for me


Well they now allow unlimited photos with an Amazon Prime account and you can share your high resolution photos with up to five family members. It does sound like the ideal backup strategy. But here are the problems:

  1. Live Photos. They still have a 5GB limit for videos and other storage, unless you pay $59 a year. The problem is that I have mixed my videos and photos all together and live photos have a video component, so you pretty quickly get hit that limit.
  2. They rename the photos! OK, this matters mainly to me because the actual names of the photos have meta data for me. That is, they will often have the name of the camera and also once the photos get renamed, you cannot just download them and use it as a straight backup, you either pickup Amazon's scheme or not.

Anyway, continuing to look for a good photos sharing solution. As I said before iCloud Photo sharing isn't bad but limits the photos to 4Mp. Amazon doesn't but renames files. Still looking for something that is relatively free!

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