Post CES Updates

Ok in consumer electronics, here are the next recommendations:


  1. TVs as Computer monitors. Do not get one, instead, get a low-end TV. At 43 inches, this will let you really develop software well assuming you have the room on your desk and believe me you will want to. The Samsung 6300 line for instance is $500 for 43″.
  2. 4K HDR Televisions. The world of quantum dots and 4K HDR are here, the picture has never been brighter and televisions cheaper. The sweet spot are 65 inch television which you can get for $1K. We aren’t moving up in resolution for a long time. For folks with a little more dough, heading to HDR makes sense. The new Sony’s look amazing.
  3. 4K content. This has also matured. Windows 10 supports DRM on 4K, so you can watch your Netflix, but the best choice right now is the nVidia Shield. With the latest software update, you can watch 4K HDR from Amazon, Netflix and Youtube. Note that all Shields are getting a software update to do this and you should get the $200 one because they have two USB connections for adding storage.

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