With prices and hardware changing there are so many different choices for a good developer setup. Here are some of the edges assuming a relatively modest $6k budget:

  1. A monster gaming laptop. Today for $6k Ok got it so that’s a $6k box that weighs 13 pounds. And it sure is powerful. And relatively cheap. Some ones to look at the 13 pound Msi GT83VR with dual gtx 1080s. 

  2. A workstation class laptop If u want 16GB because many machine learning apps need that then u need a p6000 (fwiw Nvidia at least has it families in alphabetical order so it’s Kepler -> maxwell -> pascal). Also the p6000 uses hbm so it has 4x more memory bandwidth between gpu and vram. Does your work load need that and also supports fast fp 16.).

  3. If ur just going from home to work a pair of desktops plus a laptop that’s thin and light are actually cheaper and have more performance. U then have a mini data center at work. Main advantage is u can add up to four cards on either side. When disconnected u use a laptop with Nvidia so u can debug but big workloads are on desktops. And the laptop weighs 3lbs. The razor is a good one.

  4. Youcan run loads in the cloud with the new amazon Tesla p100s. These can be pricey 

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