Car Accessories

If you are getting a new car, here are some indispensable accessories to go with it:

  • Tire Pressure Gauge. It’s huge but it is reliable and easy to use. All analog and no batteries.
  • LED Flashers. Yes you need batteries, but they are way better than flares
  • Flashlight. You need a bright one and Candlepower will turn you on to the really good ones. Current favorites are the Nitecore MH20GT for $120 that comes with two Lithium Ion batteries and a charger as a bigger choice the  Nitecore P30, it is 1000 lumens and a break taking $64 at Amazon.
  • Battery charger and tire pump. Yes, you might need a battery charger for your EV, but you do need one for the other 98% of the cars out there. The CostCo one is nice although big.
  • Floor mats and covers. Auto Anything has a great selection and these are completely waterproof and great for the wet climates. Typically you can get a 6% rebate from if you buy from there.
  • Leatherman PS4 Squirt on your keychain. In case you need it.

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