Well it seems pretty clear the Mavic Pro is the most awesome drone right now, but as usual, you need a host of accessories. The drone was really hard to get a launch, but now there are bunch of places which will set you back about $1500 mainly for the batteries.

  • DJI Mavic Pro. This is $999 from Amazon and most other places. There is a $1300 prop bundle that is kind of a decent deal because it has 2 Extra batteries ($180), 2 Extra propellers ($20), 1 charging hub, 1 car charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag. But most folks think the shoulder bag is too tight.
  • DJI Refresh. You definitely need this, For $99 at Amazon, it gives you repairs and even if you land your drone in the water as long albs you can recover it you can get a new one.
  • Replacement propellers. Because you will certainly destroy them and for $25 at Amazon, it’s cheap insurance.
  • Extra Batteries. These are $90 each from Amazon and you need at least three given the 20 minute time and the length of time it takes to charge. So you need a total of four batteries to keep it flying continuously (one in and three recharging).
  • 5 in 1 charging hub. This will charge three batteries at once in about 60 minutes. The main thing is that to charge three batteries at once, it is huge and has a big fan. It’s a true parallel charger
  • Hood. You need your own cell phone for this thing, but you need a hood in bright sunlight. for $14.
  • Leg Extenders. Most folks recommend these $10 accessories because the drone is too low to take off from gravel or grass.
  • Prop guards. These are $13 and keep your props from chewing up trees for people for that matter.
  • Hard case.

OK, trolling through the list of things on Amazon, here are the other interesting accessories:

  • Mavic lens Hood Sun Shade. Glare is one of the big issues with drones, we have both neutral density filters for bright light, but if you are moving slowly, then this is a nice sun shade. Does not work while in motion as it blocks some of the gimbal movement.
  • Hooshion UV Circular Polarizer filter. This should get rid of lots of glare if you are taking water shots.
  • Fstop Labs Landing Gear Leg Height Extender. The Mavic sits low, and these are little plastic extensions that lift it up a big.
  • Fstop Labs Propeller Guard. These keep you from breaking your props or hurting people
  • Philonext Landing Pad. OK a little nerdy as a tarp would do, but this is a big piece of plastic that let’s you land even where there are rocks or dirt.

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