Mavic Pro and all the goodies


Well it seems pretty clear the Mavic Pro is the most awesome drone right now, but as usual, you need a host of accessories. The drone was really hard to get a launch, but now there are bunch of places which will set you back about $1500 mainly for the batteries.

  • DJI Mavic Pro. This is $999 from Amazon and most other places. There is a $1300 prop bundle that is kind of a decent deal because it has 2 Extra batteries ($180), 2 Extra propellers ($20), 1 charging hub, 1 car charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag. But most folks think the shoulder bag is too tight.
  • DJI Refresh. You definitely need this, For $99 at Amazon, it gives you repairs and even if you land your drone in the water as long albs you can recover it you can get a new one.
  • Replacement propellers. Because you will certainly destroy them and for $25 at Amazon, it’s cheap insurance.
  • Extra Batteries. These are $90 each from Amazon and you need at least three given the 20 minute time and the length of time it takes to charge. So you need a total of four batteries to keep it flying continuously (one in and three recharging).
  • 5 in 1 charging hub. This will charge three batteries at once in about 60 minutes. The main thing is that to charge three batteries at once, it is huge and has a big fan. It’s a true parallel charger
  • Hood. You need your own cell phone for this thing, but you need a hood in bright sunlight. for $14.
  • Leg Extenders. Most folks recommend these $10 accessories because the drone is too low to take off from gravel or grass.
  • Prop guards. These are $13 and keep your props from chewing up trees for people for that matter.
  • Hard case.

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