Installing telnet on windows 10


Well windows has sure gotten more complicated. Getting telnet running take three steps 

  1. You need to run the Super Administrator mode for the command line. This is pretty hidden right now particularly if you are Running a windows tablet and it is not clear how to right click. The trick is to long press and item and then that is interpreted as a right click 

  2. Go to the Cortana menu which is the text box on the lower left and type 'Cmd'. Then Long press and you will get a context menu so choose 'run as administrator' 

  3. Now you need to run their download manager dism. And you want to enable the feature with 'dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient'

  4. Then if you want to capture a telnet stream it is as simple as 'telnet ip adress socket' > output.txt

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