Well now that I’m settling down on USB C connectors, time once again to look at various peripherals:

  • Mantiz Venus. Ok this is expensive at $400, but it a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with room for an nVidia 1080Ti graphics card for instance. It also include full 87 watt power delivery on the USB C cable. And it acts like a docking station as well with 4 USB 3.0 USB A ports as well as Ethernet. So you just need one cable to connect your MacBook Pro to your powerful graphics card and monitor.
  • JXU01. This is a 1 meter cable that supports the full 100 watts power delivery as well as 20Mbps Thunderbolt 3 speeds. Very solidly built.
  • Apple 2m cable. This looks one of the few that supports the full 100 watts.
  • Cable Matters USB C to Displayport. This $24 cable really does work and gives you full 4K at 60 hertz

As an aside, if you are curious how much power is supported, then go to the Apple menu and choose About Mac and click on System Report. There is an item called Power that tells you the AC Charger Information and how much it can provide and you will the full 87 watts.
Then there are some conditional recommendations. Good quality, but performance is one notch below:

  • Satechi HDMI/Ethernet/Three USB C ports. This is a well made system that is lightweight and looks good. but the HDMI is only 30 hertz.

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