OK, for a long time this was one of my favorite brands, but then they bulked out and got less athletic, so I don’t normally buy their stuff anymore, but if you are lucky enough to have a discount on them, here are the best things in their line:

  • Mens’ Stretch Ozonic. The best thing is they come in S/M/L as well as Short/Regular/Long which is 30/32/34. Really convenient.
  • Hyperlamina Spark 35. In the old days, the down bags were small and light but couldn’t handle the water. Now with the Spark that tradeoff is gone, super light at sub kilo yet it handles water no problem. Miracle.
  • Monkey Man 200. Who wouldn’t love a fleece named Monkey Man, this is just below the very best made, so get it if you get a good discount.

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