Seems like every year (?!) when I do print, I have to remember how to get the profiles right. With an old Canon iP100, the question is how to get a nice color, so here is the mapping:

The Paper codes

They have a two digit paper code system from lowest to highest quality

  • MP. Matte Paper
  • GL. Photo Paper Glossy (I and II)
  • SP. Photo Paper Plus Glossy
  • SG. Photo Paper Semi Glossy
  • PR. Photo Paper Pro (I and II)
  • PT. Photo Paper Pro Platinum

Then there is the quality code which is lower the better
So by elimination, there is no correct ICC profile for this combination, so trying this first with third party ink. This is a bad idea because without the chip, it always reports full ink, so even if all the ink is dry it doesn’t work. Main note, use standard Canon ink.
Now figuring out which color profile works but the big issue is having a good printer cartridge. We had errors with a new Canon color cartridge and the cheap OEM knockoffs do not report their ink levels correctly so the first time

  • The PR1 on Mac Photos and DxO come out very light and red
  • Photoshop with Galerie for Canon Pro9000 comes out super saturated like a Fujifilm or Kodachrome, but is much better. The Galerie profiles are carefully coded, so you know how to set the many Photoshop parameters
  • The PR1 for iP100 comes out very dark and saturated but this is on the unreliable third party ink.
  • The GL2 also has a red cast on the Galerie paper with Perceptual and Relative colorimetric.
  • SP2/SG2 looks the closest with perceptual and black point compensation but it still very read

So we tried this with both HP Glossy and also Alford Galerie and found that with Photoshop that GL1 did work

  • GL3 was what was supposed to work from our last use five years (?!) ago and this seems OK, actually about the same as GL1
  • PR1 also seems to work

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