Quick Slideshow for Noobs


If you have a bunch of photos and just want a random slide show to appear on a TV, what's the easiest path?

  • If you are lucky your TV has a built in player, that is when you stick a USB key in, it knows how to read the slides and play it. Our Samsung from five years ago try to do this, but the user interface is horrible. Or some of them let you create a movie and then play directly from the USB key as with 2016 Samsung TVs.
  • Next up is to bite the bullet and get a laptop. Now Mac Photos lost the ability to show random slideshows, so instead you have to use the Screensaver mode want then put the machine into that mode to get it. Pretty inconvenient and there isn't music.
  • Another alternative is to rip out your Apple TV and use the screensaver mode on that thing. This works with iCloud Photo sharing pretty well. Select the photos you want click on the little export icon at the upper right. Pick iCloud Photo Sharing and then this makes an album.
  • On the AppleTV, you then make that album the screensaver view and then it will just come up.

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