Displaying to a mount television


It used to be really complicated to mount a television on the wall, now that televisions are so small and light, it's pretty easy you just need:

  1. Television mount. The best are tilting stands. If you have the little bit of space, this $85 unit also swivels a little which is useful if you get glare in your office. Although the $20 Amazon Basics mount will work well for most common mounting.
  2. Shelf mount. Just put this underneath the television if you have a teleconference system. The other devices can just mount behind the television to make it neater
  3. Google Chromecast Ultra. This supports 4K and is just $70 and with the Chromecast application it works with Windows, Linux, Android or Apple devices by downloading the application first. As an aside if you just want to cast audio to any speaker, this $25 Chromecast Audio works great.
  4. Apple TV. This is $150 and you should hold off if you can for the 4k versio, but it is the easiest way to get 'no-click' support for apple devices as the Airplay protocol is built into all Apple devices.

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