Miscellaneous Notes…do not buy the Anker USB C 60 Watt charger

Well the Anker 60-watt USB C Charger with 3 USB A ports is half the price and seemed to work well. Sadly, it just “loud popped” and failed. You can actually hear the capacitor that blew up rattling around inside. Sometimes half the price with more features is not the answer. I was using it […]

The horrible world of EV Adapters (and I thought USB C was bad)

Figuring out charger you should get at home is pretty complicated and if you want to charge from a variety of different locations away from home at grandmothers or at a shop, this is even more confusing. There are three steps: a) figure out the maximum intake rates of your car and then b) get […]

Adding Dampeners to a WASD Code Keyboard

This actually works for any Cherry MX keyboard with Cherry MX stabilizers on the big buttons. I’ve been trying to figure out the ideal keyboard. The Cherry Green has an awesome click, but my fingers literally got tired from the 0.65N force required. So I got $15 Cherry dampeners. These are the lights variety that […]

Tube size and tire width and stem length for deep disk wheels

Seems like semi-aero is the way to go and I’ve got a bunch of standard tubes that don’t have enough stem to inflate properly. You need about 10mm to make sure that a presta tire pump works. ENVE has a nice table for this but basically Standard rim is 25mm high (an inches). Use standard […]

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