Wow, Mike, thanks so much for the Hook Up to T-mobile. I can’t quite believe how well it has gone. Basically we pay half as much as we did with Verizon and the features seem endless, but if you are a T-mobile subscriber, then you do need to get on the billing page and make sure that you’ve activated all the cool new things that they have.
It isn’t super easy to do, but super rewarding to to

  1. Netflix on Us. Wow, basically, T-Mobile takes over your Netflix billing and they rebate you $10/month, net, net, the HD plan we are on is now $120 a year cheaper (and if you have connected T-Mobile to a Chase Ink account, you get 5x points now on Netflix so save another 10%). ! It is not easy to do however, because you first have to have T-Mobile One plan. Then, you need to go to the Plan page and click on any one of your family members and choose change services. Do not click on the change plan or change data add-ons, it is any one of the individual phone lines. Now, you add Netflix and it is “On Us”, it will say add to all your lines, then you go to the confirm page. At the very top, there is a button which you can easily miss that says, “Continue” or something, this takes you to a Netflix authentication page.
  2. KickBack. This is pretty cook, if you use less than 2GB per month, then you get $10/month back from T-Mobile, so your $25/month unlimited plan because a 2GB $15/month include voice, text as well. Wow, but you need to activate for each account that you own. You need to go to each line and activate it.
  3. Spam Block and Spam ID. They have some advantage spam calling detection, but you also need to enable it for each line.
  4. GoGo Inflight for an Hour on Alaska Airlines. If you fly Alaska, you can use an hour of free wifi and you get free Facebook, texting and iMessages online.

Now for some basic hygiene which is hard to find, but important

  1. Profiles. Go to the upper right button called Profile and click on each, then go to Privacy and Notifications  and make sure to turn off all of it and the Insight stuff as well.
  2. Line Settings is a good place to put the actual names for the phone numbers.
  3. It is also a good place to make someone else a Full Permissions person in case you want a way to manage the account that isn’t you.

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