This actually works for any Cherry MX keyboard with Cherry MX stabilizers on the big buttons. I’ve been trying to figure out the ideal keyboard. The Cherry Green has an awesome click, but my fingers literally got tired from the 0.65N force required. So I got $15 Cherry dampeners. These are the lights variety that reduce travel by 0.2mm, the blue ones are 0.4mm.
There are no instructions for how to do this, but there are YouTube videos, to summarize:

  1. Use the WASD keycap puller and get the wire ears around the sides of the key and pull straight up. You do not want to torque it.
  2. Turn the key around and put the donut around the circular bottom. Then push it straight down.

It is tedious, but it works.
The tricky part is that the wide keys have stabilizers that are little steel bars with additional inserts. When you pull a key like this up the whole thing comes apart, but the process is a little tricky and not documented in YouTube or anywhere else:

  1. Put the rubber donut into the center. The take the white Stabilizer inserts and put them into the two side holes.
  2. Now put the stabilizer bar and put it’s two sides into those wholes.
  3. Now you have to make sure that the keys just below the key you will be inserting are removed. Now gently put the key on top of the Cherry X cross.
  4. Turn the keyboard so you can see the wire that is just under the key.
  5. Use a pen tip and gently push the wire so it clicks into the supports under the key.


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