Finding a good VPN


With all the notes on security, figuring out what a good vpn has been hard and you probably do not want to use those $50 for life services, seems to be good to be true, so in looking over reputable providers:

  1. Private Internet Access. We've been using them for year, but sadly over the last few months, the service has definitely become worse. There see to be lower performance and so now the search is on for something else. The other issue is that on an iPhone, it constantly drops the connection and then leaves the internet connection in a strange state. We also tried it with Tunnelblick but that wasn't super stable, the dedicated client seems to work better.
  2. ExpressVPN. Before VPNs became illegal in China, this was a super good service for phones. However, on our Macs, it also seems to disable internal mDNS browsing, so we can't see our file servers and so forth.
  3. TunnelBear. I'm trying this one now, but they allow 500MB per month free and will report back.

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