Apple Watch Accessories


Yes you can get lots of different bands (although this Apple Watch Series 3 Nike band is actually pretty awesome, looks good and is comfortable). But as usual, there are some things you should really have according to Wareable and PC Magazine:

Then since you are at it, you might as well get totally fitness gadgeted up. Looking DC Rainmaker and Wareables, here are some attachments to get assuming you already have a Powermeter and a Cadence and Speed sensor for your bike you also need:

  • Greater Goods Wifi connected Scale. For the truly nerdy, get on the scale, it connects via Wifi to the cloud and then populates your weight into Healthkit. Never escape those bings ever again! $70 at Amazon
  • Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor. Another nerdy thing for those of us worried about high blood pressure. This thing isn’t wifi enabled, so you need to pair it but it will load your blood pressure into the system.

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