The main thing as The Wirecutter points out is to get adapters which are solid. I’ve lost all kinds of electronics because there is arcing across the plugs. So you really want a set that is durable and really plugs right in.
The big decision is whether you should get 3-prong which are safer, but are not as common overseas. The Bestek three prong system seems top rated both at The Wirecutter and Amazon.
The main thing to do is to zero in on the type of adapter that you need and just get the minimum. While these all-in-one adapters seem great, the reality is that they are big and they don’t connect as well to the wall. Ceptics seems to have the best two prong systems.
So you should look up where you are traveling look up the various plugs in different countries at and you will see that that if you can get away with two prongs. Most electronics use two prongs, you can sometimes get away with very few adapters.
As an example in Vietnam, they have Type B, C and D plugs. Type B is the American standards. Type C is the two prong Euro plug. But if you look at, most iPhone USB chargers are Type A, which is two prong, so that will fit in Type B. And Type C is European, but Type D is Indian but is compatible with a Type C two prong.
Net, net, it may seem like you need lots of adapters but if you go to Vietnam, you only need a really good Type C European adapter.
If you look at China, there’s a similar minimization. They have Type B, C and I. In this case you just need a Type C European and a Type I Australian and you should be set.

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