Tesla Tips

Ok the many oddities of a complex car, but here are some simple things I didn’t figure out until I RFMed:

  1. The Tesla X trunk memorizes a particular open position. This is so if you are short the tail gate will be in reach. It also uses the center beam sensor to determine if there is an obstruction. If you set the trunk too low, then the manual says that you open the trunk, then push it to the right height for you and then press the trunk close button on the trunk itself for two seconds until it beeps.
  2. The center screen will definitely crash and then what do you do. Not intuitive, but you hold down the two scroll buttons on the steering wheel and the brake for 10 seconds and it will reboot.
  3. When you back up, the Tesla X is (at least to me!) huge and even with the rear view camera it is not clear where things are, turns out that you can put the car into reverse and then adjust the mirrors down. This will get saved in your profile.

Here are some things to learn from reading:

  1. Instrument cluster reboot by pushing and holding the two buttons above the scroll wheel.

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