Well, it’s a shame when printers outlast their drivers (which seems more and more common), but we have a decent Canon Pro9000 that I use literally once a year to print photos for grandparents. This printer has been obsolete for the last four years and MacOS no longer has the right drivers for it.
A quick search on the Canon site finds that the CUPS driver for MacOS Mavericks (wow that’s a while ago) is the last one published. It has a 2017 date though, so it is obviously being maintained, so hopefully it will just work. Someday every printer will just have AirPrint and use PostScript. OK, I can hope. But the process is:

  1. Download the Printer Driver
  2. Open the DMG and run the CUPS installer
  3. Go to System Preferences/Printers & Scanners and choose the + icon to add a printer.
  4. You should see the Canon Pro9000 as a USB device. Click on it, and it should use the Canon Pro9000 driver you just installed and choose Add.
  5. I normally also choose Share this printer on the network so it works for all my machines.


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