Cleaning up your MacOS Disk

It is incredible how fast a MacBook disk can fill up, here’s how to clean it up:

  1. Buy Space Gremlin. yes it costs money, but it is worth it. It will give you a graphical view of where all that hard disk space went.
  2. iMovies, I do occasional edits and because of the way it works, you can use lots of disk space. Two hints are to get rid of prerendered files. Assuming you’ve made all your movies and aren’t going to edit it. This is in iMovies/Preferences/Delete Rendered
  3. Get rid of clips you don’t use. Start iMovie and look in your Events timeline. Things that are’t used will not have any orange lines at the bottom. You can safely delete those.
  4. If you have VMWare Fusion, that’s another place. In my case, I had a monster Baidu Apollo repo which included a big data file. First sync those repos and then delete them. Then you can contract the vmdisk virtual disk file, but this turns out to be super hard. The best solution seems to be to delete it all and start over.

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