Turning all your devices into Bluetooth ones

Well now that we have AirPods (and love it), plus these ultra cool Sony headphones, it just makes me want to make everything a Bluetooth device. Fortunately for $27, you can do that.
Just get the Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter/Receiver, this thing is a tiny device that is micro-USB powered. It has a little switch, so in transmit mode, it will let you take say the 3.5mm headphone jack output on a plane and broadcast it to two headphones. So you can use your AirPods on the plane. It has a multi-hour battery life when you do this, or plug it in with a micro-USB cable to a USB source.
It also acts as a receiver, so if you have say an iPhone and an “old” device like an older car without Bluetooth, then you can hook it right up and don’t need to tether the phone. Pretty cool. In receive mode it has a handsfree microphone, I don’t know how well that works, but the idea is that you can just stash your phone somewhere and still have a microphone for it.
And most importantly, Fakespot reports that the reviews are legitimate, gets an A grade.
I’m also in the middle of testing a more audiophile-grade receiver that’s meant for home by esinkin also with a Fakespot A grade so will let you know about that one.
Photo by Suganth on Unsplash

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