Monthly Car Sales

Monthly Car Sales

Wow it is amazing how much data just lives out in the real world. Someone was just asking me about car sales and a quick google got me to a bunch of sites that track sales amazingly closely…

Overall View

The Wall Street Journal has their own overview of car sales because it is such a big part of the market. This data is lagged a month, but it has a nice infographic that shows top model sales
CARSALESBASE.COM. This site actually is free and has a drill down on the monthly data that is updated nearly immediately. You can get the April data pretty close to May 1. This data includes Europe, China, US and world wide totals, so that for example you can put together simple queries, like US Camry Sales by Month.

Toyota Monthly

Press Releases. First of all Toyota reports their monthly sales in a new release. These reports come out the 1st of the very next month. That is April sales are available May 1. That’s an incredible achievement and seems to be pretty standard. Note that this seems to be a sell-through database as they talk about number of sales days in the period, so a pretty good measure of real sales and not just of inventory.

General Motors Quarterly

They are ending their monthly sales figures and going to quarterly. However most of the other majors say they will continue this practice and Ford may follow suit although FCA and other say they not follow suit.

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