If you ever have the misfortune to get to manage a facility that has gates, good luck. Here’s a quick note for those of you that do, along with how to get something that is maintainable. As usual, the language is the main barrier here to success.
In ground operator. This is the most beautiful but the hardest to maintain. A hydraulic system basically is built around a mount that’s in ground. The main issue with this is that with weather, the “box” can flood. And of course if the gate fails, then you have to crane the entire gate out. Also, the gate is obviously quite heavy and when it swings, the operator is working very hard. While you can put a bigger operator in if the load factor is too high, it is inconvenient. Having a five year life is not out of the question and these things cost $$$$s.
Lineal operator. This a fancy name for having a gate that hangs on hinges, it then has an “arm” which is visible so not as pretty. The advantage is that it is more reliable and since it is above ground, it is easy to repair. The nice this is that if you have an in-ground gate, it isn’t super hard (but is super expensive) to switch.
Slider. Finally if you have room for it then the most reliable of all is a gate that slides open. That’s because the gate is completely suspended and a simple chain driven motor is all you need. The problem of course is that you need double the width for it which isn’t practical in many places. And of course if have a swinging gate, it is basically a new installation to put one of these in.

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