Chase Sapphire Reserve. Effectively $150 per year ($450 plus $300 for any travel expense). 100K signup bonus. 3x points for any restaurant or travel including Airbnb. That’s effectively a 6.3% discount. Plus you get Priority Select for access to 900 lounges around the world. And if you redeem for flight using the Chase portal you get a 1.5x multiplier plus you earn miles on the airlines. (So potentially that’s 6% x 1.5 = 9% discount plus probably another 1.5% from the miles flown!). It also has primary insurance for rental cars so if you have an accident it doesn’t affect your car insurance.

Chase Ink Cash. This is a free card. But gives you a 5x multiplier for any telecom or office supply purchases. And you can transfer these points for free to the reserve and use them. So that’s 11% plus if you use the travel rewards center you could get 1.5x on top of that Chase Freedom. This is a free card with rotating category bonuses of 5x. Right now that applies to warehouse stores. So your Costco purchases can also redeem at 11-16%.

Chase Ink Reserve. A new card. U get for your business. But it also offers 3x on telecom and if you use for your wireless bills then you get theft and damage insurance for all those phones with a $100 deductible. Nice now that iPhones really do cost $850. It does costs $99 but has a 80k signup bonus. Also you get 3x on all shipping charges and search engine advertising.

Discover. Another free card. They also have 5x category bonuses that are worth 5% in hard cash. Amazon Store Card. I don’t know why this isn’t advertised more but this gives you a straight 5% rebate on Amazon purchases.

A good deal when Freedom is not running a amazon promotion. As an aside if you have some older cards like chase Sapphire preferred or chase ink bold with fees, convert them at no charge to the no fee Freedom or Freedom unlimited and ink cash respectively. Then they will improve your credit rating as closing cards is not a good thing.

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