BENQ 3200PT Calibration on High Sierra


Well, my trusty (like 10 year old) Datacolor Spyder3Elite is finally obsolete. Not because the sensor is bad, but because they don't support it anymore. How sad is that!
I've actually found color calibration is getting better, particularly if you use sRGB as the default. On this Benq 3200PT, Tom's Hardware actually gives reasonably accurate settings which are basically to use the sRGB mode. It has native 10-bit color depth (30 bits overall wow) and although now obsolete with 4K displays at 27", it is really a good looking display.
If you want to take default calibrations, it lays them out too in User mode. The most important is to set sharpness at 4 to prevent edge enhancement and set the gamma to 1 as it is too far off otherwise. I don't know if the RGB applies to all monitors but it looks pretty decent to me at these levels.

Picture Mode User
Brightness 88
Contrast 45
Sharpness 4
Gamma 1
Color Temp User
RGB Red 100, Green 98, Blue 98

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