We seem to be in major home focus these days, but we have a set of chairs that are really hard on the hardwood floors. Well there are some easy things to do.
The first is to get a felt protector that glues on the bottom. The main problem here is that you want to get a piece of felt that exactly fits because if it is too wide then that’s a problem. Plus, there is so much pressure they will tend to fall off. For instance, getting ?” or 16mm rounds are basically impossible on Amazon.
But another choice are felt pads that are built into a cap that fits at the bottom of the chair. These are less likely to just fall off. For instance although there are not many reviews the Viaki 17mm silicone protector (A rating from Fakespot) is an alternative choice to felt pads.
Also when this does happen, if the scuffs are not too deep, then you can have someone polish your floors. The main thing is that once they are polished, you do not just want to use a cheap floor brush or Clorox wipes, you need something special that maintains the finish well.

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