All US and Canada reservation holders can now order their cars! So what to decide and what to think about. It’s complex because different models have different availability. But what if you have been called to configure. What should you do?
There are five models that people can choose from: Short range, long range, dual motor and performance and then “performance option on performance.”
According to the site all these orders can be fulfilled within 5 months. Only the short range have fallen out of 2018 which is pretty incredible if they can do it.
The short range with a 210 mile range. This isn’t available yet. Probably the biggest issue here is that the full $7500 tax credit is ending. So you are like to $3750. Since the long range is $5K More it’s a big discount off the Long range.
The currently 4-6 month Model is the long range. With a 310 mile range (335 miles with the aero wheels) but you do have to get the $5k glass package so it’s a cool $45k list. It’s fast as well with 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.
Then there is the dual motor all wheel drive which is now at 3-5 months. The big advantage here is that if you live in snowy regions it’s safer and you don’t need chains when hitting the slopes. There is quite a bit of debate about range but they claim it is the same 310 miles and 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. It seems like the most practical all around car with good bang for the buck.
For an additional $10K you can get the performance version. This uses specially selected motors to get you to a very fast 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. That’s awful quick and there is probably some software unlock going on (that is the dual motor is actually faster than 4.5 but is software limited.
With the aero wheels it will probably be close to 335 miles. The aero wheels are ugly but light and wheel mass is a huge factor in mileage. As much as 10% depending on speeds. In many ways if you can afford it, this is the perfect Q ship. Note that these are aero caps, so you can remove them easily, they are using caps because they are very light. As a side note, the wider the wheel, the worse the gas mileage and of course they also ride harder, but they look cool. As a note, Elon liked the gray color, although silver would be more traditional.
Because it is incredibly fast yet has aero and efficiency. It also let’s you buy a $1.5k white interior which makes the car look like it is really from the 21st century.
The top of the top is performance on performance for an additional $5k. This is the true track car. Has huge red caliper brakes. Also tuned sport suspension and 21″ super stiff wheels. So if you want to hit the track then this is a great way to destroy your $80k car :-). Seriously, it’s cool but you would never use it in the real world and you’ve got to be willing to wreck this car on the track and go reasonable often. 🙂

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