Month: August 2018

Bicycle lights, radar and Strava

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Last things first. Wow finally subscribed to Strava for $60 a year. Nice to see the power analysis but they bury the fact they give you a CTS training regime. Buried on the website you can subscribe and you get a daily email on what to do. Requires you do a CTS Field Test. Basically…

Buying power meters and other bike tech

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Well now that it’s clear the Stages LR and the Garmin 1030 are great choices, where’s the best place to buy them. It’s pretty clear that like cars, in bicycles technology has taken over. First looking at, the best place right now is, they are offering 6% cash back and this applies to…

Nerding out on F-15s

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Very sad and strange but an Horizon ground staff took a Q400 and flew it. This caused NORAD to scramble two F-15Cs from Portland to intercept which a plane spotter took. Made want to exercise my inner geek and figure what the planes were… These are F-15C, if you look, then have a balanced load,…

Maintaining your Shimano Di2 electronic shifters, PowerTap P1 Pedals and Garmin GPS

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Well, it used to be that maintaining a bike was a relatively simple matter of making sure the chain was well lubed and clean and making sure that the derailleurs were tweaked, but now in the 21st century it has gotten more complicated, so here’s a pretty complicated guide to all the things you need…

Quick Mac Screen grabs

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OK, I had no idea this was so easy (and so hard to remember). I’m glad the days of function keys are over because remembering these is impossible but from Apple, here’s how to do screen grabs without having to start the screen Grab app: Shift-Command-3 will grab the entire screen. You will hear a…

Protecting your new MacBook

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If you’ve gotten a new Mac, you do have to make some te it is safe and sound. Looking at,review-2588-6.html the big thing is to find a decent antivirus program and then install the following Avast which is free and well rated Turn on the firewall in system preferences/firewall Make sure that you have…

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