These are benefits that I really should take more advantage of, but somehow I really do forget, so in order, here are the big ones for some of the major credit cards:

Chase Sapphire Reserve

They have a mini website devoted to benefits, here are the interesting ones in order:

  1. Auto rental primary insurance, so you don’t have to deal with your insurance company when renting, a good deal.
  2. 3x on Travel and dining points
  3. Priority Pass VIP lounge access
  4. Return protection for stores that don’t take back items (like Amazon in many cases), up to $500/claim and up to $1K/year.
  5. 90 day purchase protection  up to $10K/claim and $50K/year
  6. Baggage delay insurance pays $100/day for incidentals if you don’t get your bags on time. You do need to file a claim and I presume pay with your card.
  7. $1K emergency medical benefit if you are 100 miles away from home.
  8. $300 credit towards any travel, pretty much hit this right away and reduces the fee from $450 to $150 immediately after buying one airfare with it.
  9. You get $50 four times a year for car breakdowns.
  10. $100K Travel accident insurance.
  11. Relais & Chateau benefits as part of Visa Infinite. I’ve never said in one of these, but good to watch out for.

American Express Platinum

They also have a site that requires a logon to see:

  1. $200/year with Uber structured as $15/month with $35 in December.
  2. $100/year with Saks
  3. $200/year from a select airline, the above three, reduce the $550 fee to $50/year, FYI!
  4. 5x points for airfare when booked directly with airline or Amex Travel
  5. American Express lounges
  6. Boingo membership (but no Gogo membership, that is 10 passes only if you have the Business Platinum card).
  7. Purchase protection of $10K/claim and $50/year for items damaged or stolen in the first 90 days of purchase.
  8. One extra year of warranty on purchases
  9. Return protection of $300/claim up to $1K/year
  10. Shoprunner membership for 2-day shipping at some online stores.

Merrill Lynch Signature Rewards

Like the others listed, they have, in order:

  1. If you spend more than $50K, you get to choose between a $200 Travel Credit (this is mainly for incidentals from US airlines) or a Delta Sky Club membership. If you are in a Delta city the Sky Club is pretty useful. the $200 is a little bit of pain and you have to keep track of it to make sure you get the reimbursement.
  2. Warranty Manager, you get an automatic doubling of the warranty period for any US product. This means that your MacBook for instance gets an automatic 2-year (instead of one year warranty). You do have to submit a claim, but pretty valuable, although a hassle to get.
  3. Trip Delay. You get $500/ticket/trip for a delay, I’ve never done this, but seems like they the details are pretty strict.
  4. There is also $2,500 for trip cancellation for prepaid nonrefundable passenger fare tickets.
  5. And also Lost Luggage reimbursement.
  6. And $100K worth of Emergency Evacuation Insurance.
  7. Purchase Security, this means that in the first 90 days of any purchase, if there is theft or damage, you get $10K per claim and $50K per cardholder. This is most useful in the case, where you didn’t buy Applecare or something like that and torched the item early.


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