Ok some quick reminders. The first is that you should make sure you pay attention to the quality of the rental and then make sure you are using the right discount codes and things.

Getting points and miles

It might not seem like it, but with AirBNB, you can actually get more points values than with most hotels. There are two tricks. The first is to use the Delta AirBNB portal. If you click through this, then every dollar you spend gets you a Delta mile.
Then the second trick is to download the United Mileage Plus X mobile application, then you can use it to buy an AirBNB e-gift card. This gets you a United mile for each dollar spent. So you can see that instead of getting some cheap hotel points, you actually get one Delta (1.4 cents/mile) and United miles (about the same).

Going for quality

Most of the time, you either need to watch the reviews or if you are concerned about quality go for a superhost. These are folks who have passed some stringent standards. We normally like to start an email chat with them and ask a few questions to get a feel for how responsive they are.
Also use the wish list feature to share reviews with everyone else going so everyone is onboard.

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