Winter Update on Gatorz and Julbo Photochromaticc Sunglasses

Winter Update on Gatorz and Julbo Photochromaticc Sunglasses

Well I had an update this fall and got some incredible Julbo Aero Zebra Light sunglasses. Decoding all of that, this means a sun glass that goes from light tint to pretty dark automatically. It uses a chemical that is light sensitive. Those were $105 on close out so pretty hard to beat, so here are some things to consider. My ideal pair is having real glass, but right now there aren’t any that really fit me.

The extra weight is worth it because glass is so much more scratch resistant. But the Smith Guides are the best but they hit my cheek (because I don’t have a nose bridge and yes I’m weird looking!). So what are the best choices otherwise


OK, if you want sunglasses that really work in rough conditions, then try Gatorz. A buddy, Andy, gave me a set and they are really pretty amazing. They are polycarbonate lenses, so you have to take care of them, but their big features are:

1. Durability. They are used extensively by skydivers and people in the military community

2. Flat aluminum design. The frames themselves are high grade aluminum 7075 (whatever that is) and are made in the US. They are super flat, so when they are under a helmet or ear protection, they don’t get uncomfortable.

3. Fit. They are literally bendable and the nose piece can actually bend outwards. That’s a big plus.

4. Repairable. Unlike others, you can get replacement lenses and things. For $90 shipped, you can get any lense and then pop out the old and put in the new.

They do cost quite a bit though at $230, but you get what you pay for and their product line is pretty simple:

Magnum. These are their best sellers. The Polarized start at $180, but I really like their speciality lenses. For $230, you can get their Inferno Photochromic Lens. This goes from light to dark just by sunlight.

Raptor. These are their second popular style. It is smaller and tighter than the Magnum so it is for smaller faces. Same lense choices.


These are even better. They are category 0-3 which means they go from completely clear to dark. I need to larger size (my face is fat!)

There product line is immensely confusing, so here the decoder ring:

Aero. These are medium sized and are REACTIV Performance 1-3, so like the Zebra Lights, they go slight to very dark. Great for just about any sport and super light. They list for $209, but on Black Friday they had 25% off and you can find them on Backcountery and so forth as well.

Aero Segment. These are REACTIV performance 0-3 which means they actually go to completely clear. These are ideal for the winters in the Pacific Northwest since when you are riding, it gets pretty dark up here. Segment basically means 0-3 lenses.

Aerospeed. These are also 1-3 and the lense is actually structural, the arms hang out he sides of the lenses. Amazon folks report that it does break, but it is slightly lighter. Beware.

Aerospeed Segment. These are the same as the above, so use “suspended lenses” but have Category 0-3 lenses.

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