Cool fonts and things


Well since I've been doing way more documents lately, it's time to take a look and see what fonts are available. Extensis has a great set of tools that you can loads as an add-on to Google Docs that let's you browse and see what is popular and trending:

  1. Noto. This is one of the top trending fonts. Sponsored by Google and done by Monospace, the idea here is that it covers ever glyph in the Unicode set, it actually stands for No Tofu, those are the big blocks you get when a have some strange font. So Noto is a good place to go for general solutions in any language. Including Tibetan scrolls literally.
  2. IBM Plex. This is an open source font that IBM developed so they wouldn't have to pay licensing costs for Helvetica their standard. The Mono is particularly beautiful.
  3. Lato. This is one of the most popular fonts also open source by Polish designer ?ukasz Dziedzic.

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