Been using Zoom a bunch for recording and it is a “deep, deep” product, so here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Video Defaults This is a buried feature, but useful for those of us in messy offices or homes. You have to enable it from the administrator console. It is in Account Settings, there are a bunch of global settings there like Schedule Meeting/Host Video and Participants Video, if you turn them on by default, they go on for every meeting and every person. They can turn it off of course. Also Join before host is nice in case your hosts are late a lot. Other defaults are Calendar Integration and Upcoming Meeting Reminders that are global settings. On important one is End-to-end encryption, you definitely want that. And Co-host additions.
  2. Local Recording. This is a little dangerous, but if you want to allow people to make local recordings of Zoom sessions, you need to enable this as well. Then each user has to go to the My Meeting Settings and enable it in the recoding tab.
  3. Cloud Recordings. This is only available for Pro users (that is you have to pay a monthly fee). So if you just have one account say Admin, then this is the one that has to enable it.

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