Quizzes are a great way to engage website viewers, but what’s an easy way to make one. Unfortunately Elementor doesn’t have a quiz widget yet.
For flashy shareable quizzes that can go viral, the reviews at themeisle and wpsuperstars.net seem to point to Thrive Quiz Builder as the flashiest. The pricing is complicated, but basically it is $95 for five sites or you can get the whole bundle of all their stuff for $250 a year. I tried the single license first.
This has a nice control panel and built in tutorial and if you build from scratch you get the major types with things like putting people into different categories where this is no right or wrong. Think the personality tests (introvert vs extrovert) or right or wrong quizzes.
After you link the various pieces of the quiz. You can even create branches so that you can two different surveys and you can assign points to answers. Then you can show a results page as well which is pretty cool. I haven’t quite figured out how to make the results show the entire survey results though.
Finally, the integration into Elementor is a little wierd. You basically use the shortcode widget in Elementor and this let’s you put the Thrive Quiz Builder into the page. But that means you have to style it separately. It would be nice to see an elementor quiz thingy.

LearnDash Quiz Tutorial

Lots of reviews point to LearnDash ($159/year for a single site, $189 for 10 sites) as an answer. So here’s to trying it for building courseware on your site. This is a much deeper product that isn’t as flashy, but useful for real courseware.
The new LearnDash Quiz Builder is a simple tool in v2.6 that makes it easier. Basically, you Create a quiz and then there is a question builder right below it. It is set to work on yes or no questions by default. On the left is a bank of questions that are in the entire question database. The quizzes draw from a large question database and you drag and drop what you want into the quiz.
To actually make a question multiple choice, you click on the edit box and then you get the entire question panel. It is not very obvious but way down on the left-hand pane is the Answer Type which you can set to multiple choice. Then on the points below it you can tell it how many points you get for different answers. The other confusing thing is that you have both a question title and then the question itself in the main box. One confusing thing about the default is that you get a single yes or no question and when you choose edit, you just change the title, but if you drag it to an active question, then you get the full edit page.
The other oddity is that when you get to this new page, when you type a question in or the answers, the whole page seems to hang. You have to manually hit update on the right to see your typing.
For older version, you have LearnDash tutorials like Uncanny Owl that show a very different user interface, so beware.
There is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you sign up there and give it a try using this tutorial. The first thing after sign up is that you get two zip files. They don’t appear to have anything on wordpress.org, so you have to choose add new and manually upload the two zip files and you should get the LMS entries.
There is the quiz itself and then the questions are the other objects and you manage them separately. The main text is something that isn’t across all the questions. We want to associate the quizzes with lessons and topics. So there is a section for questions that is separate from the quizzes
The key idea with Elementor is that if you like on Elementor/Post Types, you can activate it for LearnDash by selecting types like Quizzes
Then when you click on Add New, you get the Elementor layout tool that is used as the preface before the quiz.
The LearnDash is implemented as a series of entries below the Add a Quiz page with the Quiz Builder being the primary one.
and then in the LearnDash Quiz Settings are a bunch of parameters. And then there are a bunch of options interspersed, all the LearnDash options do not appear in the same area, so for instance, you can have Yost or Theme layout options between the detailed LearnDash options

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