Well, I normally just toss all my stuff into my bag, but about 10 years ago, a good buddy told me the key was not folding clothes but laying it out flat. So that works well when you don’t have to rummage, but lately, on longer trips constantly losing stuff just isn’t worth it.
Packing cubes are one solution. We got a good set of eBags packing cubes at one point, but while they organize, you lose space because now you are folding, so what is the best of both worlds?
Then there are compression cubes. This basically has an extra set of zippers, so you put them in and then you zipper it tight. The Eagle Creek ones are pretty good are right now you can get them on via cashbackmonitor.com with a 18% rebate plus there is 20% off of most items and you earn eBags rewards. When you do all the math, that’s a pretty stunning amount off. Or if that’s all too complicated, you can get the no name, but really nice looking version on Amazon from Tim and Fin and support a new business.
For travel where you are saying going to China for six months, you might also get the Acroda vacuum packing things. These are like Ziploc bags, you put the clothes in and then squeeze the air out. There is literally no wasted weight and they are pretty durable, but it is a pain on a multi-destination trip where you won’t have to have to keep compressing.

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