Month: April 2019

Vim pathogen updates and switching to vim-plug

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I had not realized it, but while pathogen is pretty awesome for managing bundles, it doesn’t have any update mechanism, so you have to recurl the ~/vim/autoload/plug.vim and also do a git pull for all your ~/vim/bundles which is kind of a pain. Maybe time to switch vim bundlers and folks like vim-plug and vundle particularly vim-plug. These…

Annoying but strange difference between Excel and google Sheets

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With Excel when you want to concatenate strings you just use the overloaded plus sign, so =A3 + ” Hello” whould add the string hello to whatever is in cell A3. With Google Sheets, this doesn’t work, you need the use the ampersand, so =A3 & ” Hello” makes sense given the different heritages. One is from…

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