OK have had the camera for a bit now and of course various things have broken so some notes on accessories and other stuff that you will need:

  1. The screen is pretty vulnerable, I’m glad I had a screen protector on it. You probably want to order two. The Sony one is $28 for a piece of glass, but Amazon has some decent ones for $7 and I’d get three pack. This works for the 3″ screens of any device from a Sony A7R to an RX100.
  2. The camera is can be pretty front loaded, so when I dropped it, I did crack the UV filter. I use that as a front element protector. I think you should consider getting a pair of the B+W XS-Pro is a good one for digital high resolution cameras.
  3. Extra batteries. Yes the thing seems to eat them. I got an extra one for $78 and it looks like you can get much cheaper clones, but they can be a problem. And having a standalone battery charger is very nice too.
  4. Stepup adapters. While you can spend money for every filter size for a polarized filter. They are very useful for landscapes, it’s oftentimes cheaper to get a step up adapter, so if you have a 72mm as your widest, then if you also have a 67mm, get a $6 67mm to 72mm. Same if you have another camera say with 77mm, then instead of getting a new filter, just get a 72mm to 77mm step up.
  5. Filter wrench. These filters can often get stuck, so a $5 investment in a filter wrench is also a good idea. I got two just in case.

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