We haven’t had time to put on our various accessories from the second round of purchases, but the bottom trunk organizer is just awesome and way better than just dumping everything down there.

And I’ve got great hopes for the wheel cover protectors which look decently easy to install and those little pieces of rubber to reduce wind noise.

But for the next round, it’s getting warm and we are using the car more, so at the top of the list are:

  1. Seat covers. Particularly if you have white ones. We have the doggie seat cover for the back for kids, but what about the front. Reddit has some good recommendations like the Evernex Seat sock and the Qikcover. The Qikcover at $40 each is nice because they are waterproof and temporary. The EVANNEX Seat Sock is $50 and covers the whole seat and is made of microfiber. I’m not sure it is waterproof like the Qikcover and is more loose fitting.
  2. Sunroof Sunshades. I was shocked to see that yesterday it was 19C outside, but the inside of the car was 35C. I can see how the panoramic roof is going to make things pretty warm. You can certainly buy a $20 shade on Amazon, but the upper panels are definitely going to have to be custom. EVANNEX makes a upper panel for $70 which is a tad expensive, but it looks like you could even leave them on while driving in the hot sun. Also Amazon has the lightweight mesh type, so they are not thick and blocking.
  3. Front shades. And having a set for when you leave the car out doesn’t seem crazy. At least a front shade. I don’t know if you need the $70 EVANNEX one or can get away with something from Amazon. As an aside the front windshield is so big that it is hard to figure out where to put it, but I love a product called Heatshield!

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