Tuning a better route planner


This is an awesome tool that gives you more exact estimate of range that you need for trips.

The main issue is that you do have to travel long enough to know how it works for your unique style. We use Stats on IOS and teslafi.com to predict how well we will do.

When I’m driving I’m usually more efficient than the estimates because I tend to draft trucks when I can. This doesn’t work when they have different speed limits but when set to 1 or 2 follow if really helps.

With our model 3 performance we have the disadvantage of heavier and less aerodynamic wheels. So The nominal power use is 298 watts/mile at 65 mph. Doing a highway run I see more like 280W/mi. So that’s about 9% better than nominal for a P3D.

Now nearly as good as the 263W/hr for the Dual motor with aero wheels. And very far from the 243 of the one motor aero as some are getting with the 18” aero wheels but better than the average

The second variable is your speed compared to the limit. I normally set this to about 100%

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