Handwriting recognition with Apple Pencil

This was the first time that I had to take notes with this shiny new iPad Pro. I had thought the state of the art had moved farther along, but

More on Tesla Model 3 Accessories

We haven’t had time to put on our various accessories from the second round of purchases, but the bottom trunk organizer is just awesome and way better than just dumping

Better Bike Helmets: Get a MIPS or a Wavecel

Well bike helmets haven’t changed much in years, but the latest improvement is in reducing rotation forces. The EPS foam in most helmets works fine for crushes, but most accidents

Tuning a better route planner

This is an awesome tool that gives you more exact estimate of range that you need for trips. The main issue is that you do have to travel long enough

Getting WordPress on DigitalOcean working, fixing Certbot and JetPack

OK now that I’m sort of digging out here are some notes about getting it all working on all of this stuff. There are a bunch of gotchas that are

On to the next. Bluehost php issues

Well it’s a long story but I’ve loved Bluehost for 15 years. And before that it was my buddy at another hosting company whose name I’ve actually forgotten. Imagine hosting?

Power returns to the Mac Family

Well different folks will have different opinions, but one issue with the Mac line has been a lack of power at the high end. The move to thinner and lighter