Well, what do you know there might actually be a use for that Touch Bar thing. I barely ever use it. Mainly to change the volume or brighten the screen, but if I know that it has the Dock, then it gives a reason to use it. Really an interesting idea, but when you are typing, you are not looking for magic new things to appear.

There is thing called Pock which is open source that manages the Toolbar and puts things down there in a reasonable way. Namely the Dock of running applications so it is now an app launcher. I normally leave the Dock hidden and then move the move the mouse down to the bottom of the screen, but I’m trying brew install pock for a little bit.

Also, I’m using the new block editor in WordPress 5.2. A little weird really, but it makes it easy to do structure drag and drop. Tied with the plugin press this it’s a useful way to clip things on a Mac. The share button feature on iOS actually works way more intuitively.

Hit tip to Boy Genius

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